What are we interested in?

We back people – Good people, the type others want to work for and are open to being supported in a collaborative working environment (Yes I know this doesn't always happen in recruitment). People who have proven they can recruit, but also have achieved excellence in their organisation and are open to the next stage in their development.

We want people who share our values – So if you identify with:

  • Fun
  • Positivity
  • Excellence
  • Aspirational
  • Personal

What market dynamics are we interested in?

  • Contract,
  • Permanent,
  • International – Germany, Eastern Europe,
  • UK, ideally specialist markets – Technology/Advanced Engineering/ Interim Management/Accountancy & Finance
  • Consulting
  • Statement of Work (SOW)

What are we not interested in?

  • Low Margin,
  • Politically sensitive – NHS, Education
  • Highly commoditised sectors
  • Industrial/Semi Skilled/Low skilled
  • RPO
  • Over Concentrated business plans based on 1 or 2 clients
  • London based businesses