What we offer...


Strong leadership

A leader who has grown and sold an award winning International recruitment business in the last 5 years. Who has a proven track record of supporting people and businesses from inception.



An excellent 'infrastructure/platform' to 'stack your business onto' – We have a team of:

  • Marketers
  • Learning & Development professionals
  • Accounting and Finance types
  • Techies
  • Legal Eagles
  • Administrative support



Flexibility, no one investment needs to be the same we are open to the following.

  • Joint Ventures – No Capital/Full Capital/Part Capital
  • Salaried/Non-Salaried ventures
  • MBO backing



Clear Terms of Engagement

  • No 'funny funds' diluting your equity
  • Proper Class A share participation in your business
  • Understanding about your objectives – growth/exit/dividends



  • We want people who are interested in building something special
  • We talk plainly, fairly and are very comfortable asking the difficult questions to help improve a business
  • Our aim is to create a high quality 'New Ventures' business that can benefit from scale and supports the growth of its constituents by reinvesting in it.


We are centrally based, but the leaders of the business are Internationalists, who live in London.

We are open to talking to potential partners, wherever you may be, though the Falklands Islands might be bit too far out.

Our preference is to keep an open mind and back businesses and people, we are in this for the long term.